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Troy J.

I bought my Explorer when I was 16.  It wasn't much, pretty ugly, didn't sound very good, but worked well for a high school garage band.  While I was in college, it pretty much rotted away in it's case, I didn't have time to play it.  I got it out a few years ago, played it, it was still ugly and sounded even worse.  I decided I would fix it up, so I stripped all the hardware off, decided I didn't have the money to do a good job, and put it back in its case.  There is set for another year.  I mentioned it to Andy, and he said he could fix it for me.  I cannot tell you how impressed I am with what he did for my Explorer.  It looks fantastic, and it sounds great!!!  His work was very thorough and he finished it in a timely manner.  Several times he contacted me to give me ideas of what he could do with the finish.  He gave me several options as to what he could do.  I liked his ideas, but I am pretty plain (that comes with old age) and settled with the tung oil finish.  I really appreciated the fact that he was more interested in what I wanted done with it rather than what he wanted to do with it.  It turned out looking and sounding much better than I ever thought my Explorer could look or sound.  Oh, and by the way, it cost much less than I thought it would also.  Thanks, Andy for your hard work, you did a great job!!!
Troy J.

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Brian K.

Andy re-profiled and tung oiled the neck of my Hohner ST59 (strat-clone). The amount of material removed was visually minimal, but the difference in feel was substantial. The neck was significantly smoother and felt lighter in-hand. Transitions and chords seemed easier. I found that I did not grab the neck as tight as I did before the re-profile, reducing hand fatigue. My playing was better as I was more relaxed in my right-hand technique, and I could play/practice longer.

In fact, I went to go play the guitar for a bit before writing this just to confirm my thoughts. I ended up playing for two hours.

The neck re-profile and refinish truly changed the guitar. Before, I had permanently parked this guitar in favor of my Dean. Now, that Dean is stuck in the corner and the Hohner gets all the attention.

Brian K.

C. Justin Smith

Andy did complete setups on both my Jackson C4A (modified) fretless bass and my electric-acoustic Oscar Schmidt (by Washburn) guitar. Since I had bought the C4A from a college friend of mine the action had slowly gotten higher and higher and by the time I got it to Andy it was practically unplayable for me, the same was essentially true about the OS guitar, except perhaps worse, being able to play barre chords above the 5th fret was a struggle for my somewhat weakened chops due to lack of available practice time.

Andy certainly changed all of that though. When I received the guitars back they were in excellent playing condition, better in fact than when I bought either of them. Andy expressed impressive knowledge about the guitars and was extremely thorough when explaining what he had done to them for me. His price was more than reasonable, charging substantially less than other techs in the area for a (from what I've heard from friends) higher quality of work.

I will certainly be returning to him for all my future guitar setup needs and questions. Thanks so much Andy!!!

C. Justin Smith

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D. B. Franco

I bought an ash body American-made Telecaster a few years ago. It was something I had always wanted as a kid. I honestly bought it because of the hype from other people. The sad thing is after only 2 months.... and over a thousand dollars invested, I lost total interest. I realized it wasn't anything like I expected. I had mentioned my disappointment about the Tele to Andy. Next thing I knew he took the guitar home and began working his magic. As promised, he dropped off the guitar a few days later and asked me what I thought of his work. Right away I noticed some huge changes. The action was incredible and the tone was warmer and cleaner than guitars twice the price. He turned a factory flop into a one of a kind dream. I can honestly say he is a guitar guru. He actually took my Fender factory job and turned it into the guitar I had always wanted since age 5. I still can't believe it. Thanks, Andy -D.B. Franco

Steve B.

Andy, thanks so much for the great work on my guitar. You have been a wealth of knowledge to a beginner and I appreciate the time you have given me. The improvement on my stock guitar is stellar. The Seymour Duncans sound great and thanks for steering me to the push/push pots. Your work is immaculate. Many thanks, Steve B.

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Brooks B.

Andy took my medium to lower grade acoustic electric, that had issues, bridge was seperating, and made a really good guitar out of it. I was having it repaired with plans of selling it, but Andy made a real keeper out of it. His craftsmanship, and his knowledge of guitars is second to none. The turn around time was better than any I have heard of, 6 days, thanks a million Andy. You are my repair guy, and set up guy from now on.

Mark L.

After a 40 year break, I decided to retry the guitar. One thing I learned in the 60's was to start with good equipment that is set up properly.
I talked to several "set up" folks and really did not get an accounting of what all they do and what the additional charges would be, so I tried Gemini Guitars and talked to Andy.
Andy explained what generally needs to be done and his prices were competitive with the others, he also gives a 90 day guarantee with all his work.

When my 2 guitars were returned I immediately noticed they played easier and the Strat even sounded much better, the PRS (k) sounded great...I never heard what it sounded like before because it is new and I have nothing to compare. Andy also repaired the STRAT for some previous minor damages.

I would recommend Gemini to anyone with a desire to play or even to those that can, he does stuff I never knew was necessary!

Mark L.

Barry K.

After the HPLP treatment: Access to upper frets has improved and I no longer have second thoughts about this guitar. I LOVE the tone and I think it's the intonation--the Earvana nut--that is largely responsible for that. The (Planet Waves) tuners are also a huge improvement; I had no idea that a tuning ratio could make re-tuning a string that was slightly out, so much easier. And of course, the neck. For my Angus Young hands, playing isn't quite so strenuous. In short, a wise investment and I'm pleased with your work and would recommend it to anyone. I don't think Slash knows what he's missing. --Barry K.

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....and this one--anonymously and unsolicited--on Craig's List:

Andy has worked on several of my guitars. I would not let anyone else touch them. He is a guitar genius.

Phil F.

Andy saved my guitars from certain death, and got them playing better than ever before. His prices are great (much lower than anywhere else in town), and he guarantees his work! I enjoy talking with him, and he will not rest until you are happy with your guitar.


Benny R.

I am a musician with 40+ years of exp. I've used Andy's services on a number of occasions and have found his work to be first-rate. Also, he's very personable and eager to please. You can't go wrong with Gemini, I promise you!

Benny R

Ethan S.

The guitars are great! I've only played the 72 reissue shortly, so I'll have more feedback once I get the chance to really play it. The American Deluxe is incredible! So smooth. I feel like my style has shifted. I used to have to almost fight it, but now it is so fluid. I can just sit back and play. I'm no longer having problems with using a capo. Thanks to you I can truly enjoy the Tele. You really did an outstanding job! Thanks again, man!

Ethan S.

Rocky Athas (guitarist with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers)

Wow, I do love this guitar. You really know how to set these things up. One of the best feeling guitars I have ever played. So smooth. Once again thank you for such a nice Guitar. It couldn't play better. I LOVE IT. Thanks--Rocky Athas

You can read the full story on Rocky's guitar ('83 Explorer) in the photo gallery.

Robert R.


Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the fret work and set up you did on my Larrivee acoustic guitar. It had been played hard for 5 years without any attention, and the result was some badly worn frets with a little high end buzzing. After I received the guitar from you I was amazed at how responsive the action was and with absolutely no buzzing. I can honestly say that it plays and sounds better than it ever has. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated talent in our area.

Thank you again, Robert R

Kerry N.

I was referred to Andy by a good friend of mine who I trust when it comes to guitars. I took my 2001 Takamine G Series Acoustic to Andy and I have to honestly say that it plays like it did 11 years ago when it was brand new. Iím still debating whether or not it plays better than it did 11 years ago! I since have referred 2 of my friends to Andy, one of which has already gotten a setup on both of his bass guitars. He told me that Andy is some sort of wizard as he was thoroughly satisfied with Andyís work as well. Andy has my business indefinitely. Thank you my friend.





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