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I offer an array of services for acoustic and electric guitar and bass from simple restringing to setups, modification, repair, all the way up to complete custom construction.

Guitar Repair Services/Rates

All items are for either guitar or bass, acoustic or electric, unless otherwise stated.


  • Minimum bench rate -- $10.00

  • Pickup installation/electronics**
    • Les Paul/mounting ring style, rear electronics compartment -- $25.00 for one, $35.00 for two
    • Pickguard mounted (Strat style) and Tele -- $45.00
    • Complete rewire -- $45.00 plus materials
    • Replace jack, switch, pot, etc. -- $15.00 and up, depending on component and instrument
    • Anything not specifically listed here will be estimated on a case-by-case basis
    • ** add $15.00 for active systems (EMG, Bartolini, etc)
  • Restring

    • Fixed bridge/non-locking tremolo (Gibson, Fender, etc.) -- $10.00

    • 12-string/nylon-string classical -- $20.00

    • Floyd Rose (locking tremolo) -- $25.00

  • Setups -- neck adjustment, intonation (where possible), correct string height at nut (includes slotting where possible) and bridge, clean and oil fretboard, restring, cleaning (prices for 6-string guitar and 4-string bass---add $5 for each additional string)

    • Fixed bridge/non-locking tremolo (Gibson, Fender, etc.) -- $25.00

    • 12-string/nylon-string classical/archtop-hollowbody -- $35.00

    • Floyd Rose (locking tremolo) -- $45.00
  • Install Earvana nut -- $100.00 (includes Earvana nut and setup)
  • High Performance Les Paul (HPLP) -- full body treatment (does not include parts or hardware) -- $375.00 (add $50.00 for neck/body binding)
  • High performance Gemini Shredder Neck -- $75.00 (setup not included)
    • includes:
      • Remove factory finish from back of neck
      • Reprofile neck contour to flattened-D shape
      • Asymmetrical neck option (additional $10)
      • Sanded smooth to 2000 grit
      • Tung oiled to seal and leave buttery smooth
    • This process makes any neck play faster and more comfortably. A central flat spine is shaved into the profile, giving your thumb an anchor point, allowing greater precision while soloing. The tung oiled finish is very durable and feels cooler, in addition to being more slippery than lacquer. A must for anyone whose sweaty hands have squeaked on the neck while playing.
    • In addition to the above features, the "Asymmetrical Neck" option makes the treble side of the neck thinner, easing the reach to the bass strings. Especially useful on wide necks, bass or extended-range guitars, or guitars hanging low on the strap.
Prices do not include strings or additional materials that may be required. If you wish to provide your own strings or other parts for installation/modification, this is perfectly welcome; however I can only guarantee the work I do, not the products you provide.
There are many more services I provide, but they will be estimated on a case-by-case basis. Suffice to say the prices will be highly competitive and the results guaranteed.



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