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Vince B's Nash Telecaster

Vince purchased this Telecaster recently, as a brand-new custom made Tele by Nash Guitars. It is made as basically a hot-rodded '52 Tele with great-sounding Lollar pickups, with the body and all hardware fully relic'ed to look like a hard-played gig machine, but with new frets. The neck was a vintage '52 shape, meaning that it was like trying to pick up a streetlight with one hand. Vince liked the sound, but wanted it to be more playable. He requested a modified version of the Gemini Shredder Neck--essentially a slimmer flattened-D version of the big neck. He also wanted an Earvana nut installed.

After the Earvana was installed, we ran into the limitation of the vintage 3-saddle Tele bridge: you have to intonate 2 strings together, which just does not happen. It's like having 5 people in the car and trying to find a temperature that everyone agrees on; someone is always too hot or too cold. He decided to go to a 6-saddle bridge, and while looking for a suitable one, we discovered the Full Contact Hardware bridge made by Babicz Guitars. As I had tried out a Babicz acoustic some time ago, I knew this bridge had to be good. It is even better than that. While they are not exactly giving them away, I believe it is worth every penny.

Once we committed to buying the bridge, I tried to find a way to relic it to match the rest of the guitar. I wound up speaking to Jeff Babicz on the phone, and discovered several things:

  • Jeff Babicz is a great guy with great ideas
  • The bridge is aluminum with very good chrome plating over boundary layers of zinc & copper--none of which will provide the right patina
  • The bridge is just too damn pretty (and brilliantly engineered) to try to ruin with rust

After consulting with Vince (and once he saw the bridge installed on the guitar), he made the executive decision that the bridge did not need to match the rest. So........


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