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C. Justin Smith

Justin wanted to make some across-the-board improvements on his Mexican Fender Strat.  He wanted to have new pickups, new bridge, functionality and playability.  We decided to make the improvements in phases, to really highlight the individual changes.



We replaced his original 3 single-coil pickups with single space GFS humbuckers with a global coil tap.  He also wanted to add a kill-switch.  We also changed the pickguard from white to black for good measure, and swapped the 250k pots for 500ks to brighten the tone.  The guitar was completely rewired in the process.

Locking Sperzel tuners were exchanged for the originals, which also allowed the deletion of the string retainer on the headstock.  The original Fender Vintage trem was replaced with a MUCH better Wilkinson Vintage VSVG for tuning stability and tone.  The nut was replaced with an Earvana compensated nut for better intonation, plus the material is more slippery for trem use.  These changes amounted to an improvement in tuning stability by a calculated factor of roughly one billion percent.

The neck was stripped of finish, reprofiled, and Tung oiled to ease playability.  This was all topped off with a complete setup and intonation, in addition to the obvious restring.

Sperzel Tuners







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