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Barry K., Ontario, CAN

2003 Gibson Les Paul HPLP


Barry contacted me about modifying his Les Paul because he said his hands were too small to comfortably play for long periods, and it was difficult to reach the high frets. He did not want to have to sell his guitar, as it was his favorite. Sounds like the HPLP is just for him!







He did not want the finish removed from the front of the guitar, presenting the usual challenges with the binding. He wanted the lacquer removed from the back and replaced with a satin finish, so tung oil was the obvious choice. He wanted the original Heritage Cherry color, though, so I went with a special dye that replicates the color on mahogany.

The options he chose are as follows:

- HPLP treatment

----- Remove lacquer finish from back of body and neck

----- Reprofile neck to flattened-D shape with flat central stripe

----- Remove heel and smooth out transition from neck to body

----- Rear edges of body softened for comfort

----- All bare surfaces sanded to 2000 grit

----- Mahogany dyed to matched Heritage Cherry

----- Finished with satin tung oil and buffed smooth

- Mild SG-style body bevel

- Black Stinger headstock

- Countersunk Dunlop Straploks

- Planet Waves Auto-Trim Locking Tuners (18:1 ratio)

- Earvana nut

Once completed, the guitar stays in perfect tune and intonation with the combination of Earvana nut and Planet Waves locking tuners. The satin finish is a joy to behold, and the slimmer neck is fast and fun.


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