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Marshall/Digitech rack setup with cabs -- $2000

This setup is unbelievably loud! It is a package deal, and I will not separate.

It includes a Digitech GSP-2101 tube preamp, upgraded to Artist spec. It uses two 12AX7 preamp tubes to give it a very warm sound. It has too many features to list, but more information can be found on this very comprehensive fan/info site. With the PPC-210 Artist upgrade card, you get a total of 215 presets (all user-modifiable), and full control over both S-DISC processors simultaneously. This means that you can play on one patch (a particular amp sound such as a heavy distortion or clean reverb sound), preselect the next one, and blend or crossfade from the first sound to the next with the...

CONTROL ONE foot controller (stock photo shown). The Control One has an expression pedal and 12 buttons: 10 preset, bypass, and a multi-function button. This button allows you to enter a specific patch number (e.g. press the button, then hit buttons 1 1 6 to go to patch 116), load a particular "bank" (a set of 10 favorite patches, such as a sequence you would use in a particular song or set), and a tuner. The expression pedal is also multi-use and programmable. It can function as a wah, volume, effects fader, or you can set it up to morph/crossfade one patch into another. Includes a custom made patch cord (superior to original), with a length of about 25 feet, giving you plenty of distance for stage work. --more info--

MARSHALL 9200 POWER AMP. This amp is the loudest amp available to mere humans. It is what is called a "dual monoblock" tube amplifier, meaning that it is actually two completely independent amplifiers, sharing only the case and power supply. It uses two 12AX7 preamp tubes, and four 5881 power tubes (100 watts RMS), PER SIDE! A total of 10 tubes in this baby gives it not only a nice warm tube sound, but 200 watts of face-melting power. This gives you the option of plugging a cabinet into each side of the amp, having a separate stereo input per side, and with a speaker cab on each side of the stage you get full stereo sound. Or you can even run an electric guitar signal through one side and an acoustic signal through the other. Each amp has separate controls for gain, presence, power and standby, and a toggle switch for "voice"--referred to by the company as a "single-coil/humbucker" switch--which is essentially a brightness control. All controls are recessed and basically bump-proof, with the exception of the power and standby rockers. The glass panel on the front allows you to see the tubes glowing--a constant reminder of the massive power of this amp. The 9200 is no longer available, and quite rare in the marketplace. This amp has never been turned up to 3, because in my old band, our extremely loud drummer is no longer audible above 2!

MARSHALL 1936 2 x 12 CABINETS. I purchased these cabs in England, after much research to find the best tone for my sound (basically old Metallica at the time). I considered the traditional Marshall Stack setup, with two 1960 cabinets (one straight, one angled), but the 1960s didn't sound anywhere NEAR as good as these 1936s. Marshall made two different 2 x 12 cabinets at the time: the 1936 and the 1922. The 1936 was built the same, but was four inches taller, giving a lot more volume for the same input. With the closed-back setup, the bass response was overwhelming. My cabs would frequently overpower the bass guitarist's sound, and drove him to get an 18 inch sub, which only matched the awesome power of this rig. These cabinets are in good condition, with some minor scrapes in the tolex, and one rip in the speaker screen just smaller than a quarter.

Also included is a SignalFlex Power Conditioner with front lights, and an SKB Roll-X rack case. This case (see Musician's Friend link) is fantastic, and so easy to handle. The Marshall 9200 weighs nearly 100 pounds (the price of power) and was very clumsy to transport until I got the Roll-X. It has rollerblade-type wheels with bearings, so they roll very easily and don't scuff or mark the floors. The lifting handles are well-placed and very effective and comfortable. The SKB is in excellent condition.

I never thought I would sell my beloved system, but the truth is I am just not playing out anywhere and it is gathering dust. Everything works as it is supposed to, all cables are included (power and high quality speaker cables), and I can guarantee you will never be asked to turn this UP!

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